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How to use spell check with Dendron

Dec 26, 2021 • Yousef Amar • 1 min read

To set up spell check with Dendron, first install Spell Right, and follow the instructions to set it up normally.

So far, I've found two Dendron-specific quirks. The first is that it will find errors in your front matter of your notes too, mostly the note ID. The easiest way to prevent this is to have it ignore the front matter entirely. The second is errors in wiki links, which we'll also want to ignore. To do this, add the following to your settings.json:

"spellright.ignoreRegExpsByClass": {
        "markdown": [

Side note: there aren't many natural language spell check extensions for VSCode, let alone good ones. LanguageTool was once the most popular but was no longer maintained after the creator Adam Voss sadly passed. I think at the moment this is a space where one extension can come in and rule them all, as has been done a long time ago with spell check in vim.