My contact details

Cold contact

If you're a cold contact, please email I will always reply, even if it's to say "no thanks". If you try to contact me in any other way, you will end up in my spam and you will not get a reply.


If you're a prospective mentee, please use the platform you found me on to contact me. If you were referred to me by someone, they will make the intro.

Everyone else

If I know who you are, please feel free to message me via:

Please do no voice call me via any of those apps unless we've agreed on that (it won't work unless I know beforehand; see caveats below).

Some caveats to keep in mind:

Video call

Have we already agreed to a video call? Feel free to book a time right here! If you're initiating, please add a short agenda (points to discuss, planned outcomes). If I am, leave it empty and I will.