Avatar of Oliver Walerys

Oliver Walerys

Co-founder at GovernGPT

Yousef's advice changed the trajectory of my founder career. I'm continually amazed at how a single conversation with the right person can have such impact - Yousef is that right person.

Avatar of Elliott Hartland

Elliott Hartland

Digital Marketing Manager

Yousef is an exceptional and knowledgable developer, we have worked together on multiple projects bringing complex ideas to life with his tech knowledge. I can't thank or recommend Yousef enough!

Avatar of Alexandra Bonnet

Alexandra Bonnet

Founder & CEO at Pistachio

Yousef has been an incredible support in the early stages of validation and company building. He's generous with his time and shared helpful advice around tech products and market insights. Highly responsive and inquisitive, he's a pleasure to work with.

Avatar of Dr Usman Khalid

Dr Usman Khalid

CEO @ SMBF, CEO @ Sawa Global

I've had the pleasure of working with Yousef on a number of different projects including a digital donation/communication solution for places of worship, which uses geofence technology, as well as an online B2B Network and business directory.

Aside from being hands down the best software developer I've worked with, I've always admired how Yousef is able to utilise a huge library of products, resources and deep tech solutions to create the path of least resistance in solving complex problems.

As well as this, in's rare to find someone who is both passionate about making an impact, without any financial motivation, but also able to approach this with a highly logical and systematic mindset, ensuring his skills are utilised in the most effective way.

Yousef has been a pleasure to work with, bringing great energy and humour, and I look forward to benefitting from his expertise and passion for many years to come!

Avatar of Chiyen Venegas

Chiyen Venegas

Software Engineer at Koloni

Having worked alongside Yousef for almost three years, I can wholeheartedly vouch for his exceptional qualities. As our CTO, he was not only a master at recognizing promising ideas and embracing new technologies, but funny enough he has a term (wikipedia link included) for every situation.

In the tech realm, Yousef is unparalleled. His foresight and step-by-step approach to implementation always keep him ahead of project requirements. His contributions consistently go beyond expectations, making him an invaluable asset to any team.

In short, Yousef is the leader and tech wizard every team needs.

Avatar of Surya Rajendhran

Surya Rajendhran

Senior Engineer at Purple Dot

Yousef is a a great technical leader and one of the most analytical people I've worked with. He's great at finding the shortest path to a solution for Goliath-like problems.

Avatar of Robert Regan

Robert Regan

Associate Systems Engineer at Corso Systems

You have helped me so much with the mock interviews and all the advice you have given me.

Avatar of Dr Mohammed Asif

Dr Mohammed Asif

COO Sawa

I have worked with Yousef on Sawa (a digital donation and tech platform for masjids in the UK) for nearly 2 years. I don't know what more I can say than to tell you that I hit the jackpot with him as a cofounder. He is uniquely talented in everything tech and also an incredible mind to brainstorm and work through real problems with. His commitment to our project has made it possible for us to provide an innovative solution to a difficult problem and I am very proud that he is a part of our team and to call him a friend.

Avatar of Uzochukwu Okafor

Uzochukwu Okafor

Freelance Creative Web Developer

Yousef is that mentor everyone wants who's patient, open minded, kind and clever. Yousef was attentive and asked the right questions to get a sense of what I needed out of the mentorship session I'd with him. He took his time to go through my CV and pointed out things I could do to improve the result I was already getting. After making the changes, Yousef asked that I send it to him and he still took another look at it and make some adjustments. Yousef shared with me a great number of resources and he introduced me to websites which will aid me in my job search and increase my chances of getting interviews. He carefully walked me through how I can write a good cover letter. I'd highly recommend Yousef to anyone.

Avatar of Anonymous


Cyber Analyst

Yousef was my mentor around a year and a half ago when I was on route to completing my degree in cybersecurity. I wanted to connect with others from an ethnic minority background who are also in cyber but was hesitant, lacked experience and wasn't sure how to go about it.

After initiating this idea to Yousef, he helped me create a channel which grew from 7 members to around 70+ people who are all actively helping one another in their areas.

Thank you Yousef for helping me have this idea landed, giving me the courage to publicise it and helping our community connect with one another more easily!

Avatar of Perri Sriwannawit

Perri Sriwannawit

PhD candidate in Philosophy

Yousef has become a great friend of mine and has supported me immensely, both professionally and personally. Despite being outside of the tech arena myself, it is striking how his skills and insights are still applicable to my line of work. Yousef has helped me developed ideas in the early stages of my enterpreneurial journey, and I'm sure he will continue to be a great advisor. On top of tech, Yousef is knowledgeable in bridging the gap between academic humanities and the real world. Even if you don't work in tech, I believe Yousef's broader knowledge and expertise can help one to acheive their goals, whatever they may be.

Avatar of Fernando Sanchez-Roman Teran

Fernando Sanchez-Roman Teran

Laboratory, Safety & Hygiene Manager

I have known Yousef for several years now, since our days at high school, and have been in touch ever since.

Yousef is an experienced tech entrepreneur who deeply understands his work and gets things done efficiently, thoroughly, and correctly in accordance with best practices. Drawing from his vast work and volunteering experience as well as his large skillset, Yousef has an immediate grasp of the scope of any task, and is quick to identify potential complications so they can be promptly addressed.

Yousef is a natural mentor who is generous with his time and expertise, and can be relied on by his colleagues and friends to provide valuable insight and guidance. I recommend Yousef to anyone who values a principled and honest team player.

Avatar of Aftab Hasan

Aftab Hasan

Deep Learning and Computer Vision Nanodegree Graduate

I was lucky to talk to him on Computer Vision subject, MashaALLAH he is down to earth and I am super happy with that :)

Avatar of Syed Sabbir Sunny

Syed Sabbir Sunny

Software Engineering Lead at Tiger Analytics

I came across Amar's path through an interview in krew.live where he used to be the CTO. He is someone with immense knowledge and empathy for people around him. He is a phd, which affirms for his knowledge. I also liked how helpful he is. He used to help on certain things if I asked through mail even after I left Krew. He is a great mentor for sure alongside being a great person.

Avatar of Sorin Stanescu

Sorin Stanescu

R&D Manager at LIG Nanowise

You are really a cool guy, very knowledgeable. I was looking a couple of times at your website and I am amazed by your expertise and about your projects. You never say no to people who ask for your advises. Please keep going! You are an ocean of knowledge

Avatar of Ioan Lanis

Ioan Lanis

Software Engineer

Yousef is a detail-oriented person who tirelessly seeks optimal solutions, even for minor tasks. His commitment to excellence, ability to inspire, and clear communication are unparalleled.

In tough situations, he remains steady, showcasing not just great software skills, but also impressive leadership and strategic thinking. His deep curiosity helps him convert complex situations into opportunities.

Yousef's value extends far beyond his professional skills. As a person, he embodies admirable qualities that make him stand out. In fact, when I compare individuals, it's Yousef who I use as a standard of excellence. It's been a pleasure and a privilege to know him.

Avatar of Abobakr Aljawfi

Abobakr Aljawfi

Founder AAA Solutions, Antenna Engineer

Yousef Amar was one of the best students I have ever got to know. A person with a great knowledge in his field, a great team leader, a great team player. In addition to his scholarly superiority, he is a great person to socialize with. Definitely, he can be a good leader or team player.

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