URL summariser

URL Summariser (or "summarizer" if you're across the pond) is a very simple microservice for summarising webpages. All code available on GitHub. Many similar tools exist, but this one is has some specific features so that it can be easily used in categor.ai.


GET https://summarise.amar.io/https://example.com

Replace https://example.com with any URL to summarise. The request is blocking.



Please feel free to use this for free but please be reasonable. Caveats:


Apps Script for Google Sheets

If you have a spreadsheet full of links, and you want to have a column be the summaries for those, you can use this script and use the formula =summariseURL(A1) where A1 is a cell with a URL.

function summariseURL(url) {
  if (!url)
    return "";

  const cache = CacheService.getScriptCache();
  const cachedResponse = cache.get(url);

  if (cachedResponse !== null)
    return cachedResponse;

  try {
    const response = UrlFetchApp.fetch('https://summarise.amar.io/' + url);
    const contentText = response.getContentText();
    cache.put(url, contentText);
    return contentText;
  } catch (error) {
    return error.toString();

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