Sentinel gets a brain and listens to the internet

Jan 8, 2024 • Yousef Amar • 1 min read • Parent project

Sentinel, my AI personal assistant has evolved a bit since I last wrote about him. I realised I hadn't written about that project in a while when it came up in conversation and the latest reference I had was from ages ago. The node-red logic looks like this now:

  1. Every morning he sends me a message (in the future this will be a status report summary). The goal of this was to mainly make sure the WhatsApp integration still works, since at the time it would crap out every once in a while and I wouldn't realise.
  2. I have an endpoint for arbitrary messages, which is simply a URL with a text GET parameter. I've sprinkled these around various projects, as it helps to have certain kind of monitoring straight to my chats.
  3. He's plugged in to GPT-4-turbo now, so I usually just ask him questions instead of going all the way to ChatGPT. He can remember previous messages, until I explicitly ask him to forget. This is the equivalent of "New Chat" on ChatGPT and is controlled with the functions API via natural language, like the list-adder function which I already had before ("add Harry Potter to my movies list").

As he's diverged from simply being an interface to my smart home stuff, as well as amarbot which is meant to replace me, I decided to start a new project log just for Sentinel-related posts.

Edit: this post inspired me to write more at length about chat as an interface here.