So you're reaching out to me and I'm not available? Amarbot (code) has been trained on many years of my (anonymised) chat logs. I did this through GPT-J fine-tuning. GPT-J, a large language model (like the more famous OpenAI GPT-3), has been trained on The Pile, so chances are he might not respond exactly as I would, but the goal is that one day he might be able to replace me entirely.

Are you someone who has communicated a lot with me in the past? In that case, you might have been given a user ID from me. If you paste that ID below, my responses will be tailored to you. This is because I tend to communicate differently with different people, so the training data includes these IDs. Otherwise, leave it empty and the response will be to an amalgamation of everyone I've ever chatted with.

Yousef Amar


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Amarbot now has his own number

It's official — Amarbot has his own number. I did this because I was using him to send some monitoring messages to WhatsApp group chats, but since it was through my personal account, it would mark everything before those messages as read, even though I hadn't actually read them.

My phone allows me to have several separate instances of WhatsApp out of the box, so all I needed was another number. I went for Fanytel to get a virtual number and set up a second WhatsApp bridge for Matrix. Then I also put my profile picture through Stable Diffusion a few times to make him his own profile picture, and presto: Amarbot now has his own number!

In case the profile picture is not clear enough, the status message also says that he's not real. I have notifications turned off for this number, so if you interact with him, don't expect a human to ever reply!

31 Oct 2022 • #projects

Amarbot connected to WhatsApp

As of today, if you react to a message you send me on WhatsApp with a robot emoji (🤖), Amarbot will respond instead of me. As people in the past have complained about not knowing when I'm me and when I'm a bot, I added a very clear disclaimer to the bottom of all bot messages. This is also so I can filter them out later if/when I want to retrain the model (similar to how DALL-E 2 has the little rainbow watermark).

The reason I was able to get this to work quite easily is thanks to my existing Node-RED setup. I'll talk more about this in the future, but essentially I have my WhatsApp connected to Matrix, and Node-RED also connected to Matrix. I watch for message reactions but because those events don't tell you what the actual text of the message is that was reacted to was, only the ID, I store a small window of past messages to check against. Then I query the Amarbot worker with the body of that message and format and respond with the reply.

This integrates quite seamlessly with other existing logic I had, like what happens if you ask me to tell you a joke!

23 Sept 2022 • #projects

Amarbot trained on WhatsApp logs

Amarbot has been trained on the entirety of my WhatsApp chat logs since the beginning of 2016, which I think is when I first installed it. There are a handful of days of logs missing here and there as I've had mishaps with backing up and moving to new phones. It was challenging to extract my chat logs from my phone, so I wrote an article about this.

3 Sept 2022 • #projects