Yousef Amar's Experience

Co-founder / CTO

Apr 2020 – Present


Krew is an AI studio specialising in AI-related strategy and implementation. We have built deep tech products across healthcare, fitness, bizops for desktop and mobile usage. Our world-class team has been featured on publications such as Business Insider and our products were ranked #1 product of the day and week on ProductHunt.

Fractional CTO

Jul 2023 – Present

Cura Systems Ltd

AI secretary for clinicians, deployed in a week to two top private practices (London Clinic, Cleveland Clinic)

Fractional CTO

Jul 2022 – Present

Support Muslim Business Forum Ltd

A large UK-based business network, setting up a LinkedIn-like platform with 200+ active users

Fractional CTO

Nov 2021 – Present

Sawa Global Ltd

Non-profit mosque app, built the app used by 180+ mosques across the UK and their communities

Entrepreneur (LD14)

Apr 2020 – Sept 2020

Entrepreneur First

Member of the 14th London cohort of world's leading talent investor and deep tech startup accelerator Entrepreneur First where we founded Krew Krew, became #1 product of the day and week on Product Hunt, and secured pre-seed funding at a million USD valuation.


Aug 2019 – Mar 2020


Grandtutors provides vetting, agency, training, marketing, and managerial services to London-based tutors, in exchange for nominal per-lesson royalty payments. We also ran larger adult education classes across various venues in London, as well as free technological literacy classes for the elderly, up until the pandemic.

Programming Teacher

Sep 2019 – Mar 2020

The London School of Mathematics and Programming

Teaching Scratch classes to ages 8–10, three different Python courses to age ranges from 10 onwards, and assisting/substituting several other courses. All of my teaching material is freely available online.

Primary School Computing Teacher

Feb 2019 – July 2019

Oriel Academy

Teaching computing to approximately 240 children across years 1 to 5, utilising pedagogical and behavioural management skills.


Research Intern

May 2017 – Aug 2017

Nokia Bell Labs Stuttgart

Research in distributed function scheduling and dynamic load balancing for minimising latency in the context of serverless computing.

Teaching Assistant

Jan 2016 – Jan 2019

Queen Mary University of London

Teaching, supervision, and examination of undergraduates and postgraduates in a variety of EECS modules.

  • Digital Systems Design (hardware design and VHDL)
  • Software and Network Services Design / IT Programming (basically a Java module)
  • 2x Digital Media and Social Networks (graphs, network analysis, web APIs)

Research Intern

Sept 2015 – Sept 2016

University of Oxford

Research in robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and A.I. – among other areas with Torr Vision Group under Professor Philip Torr at the Department of Engineering Science.


Programming Tutor

Sept 2010 – June 2014


Personal tutor to 16 students

Teaching Assistant

Nov 2011 – Nov 2011

University of Birmingham

Teaching and supervision of a group of sixth form students considering higher education.

Shop Floor Worker

May 2008 – Sept 2008

Aquila Aviation by Excellence AG

Construction and assembly of fiber composite plane parts. Extensive experience in sweeping the factory after hours and dealing with occupational injuries.