Yousef Amar

PhD Student

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Software, hardware, and everything in between!

Currently a PhD student with a focus on Systems, Networks, Security, and Personal Data under Dr Hamed Haddadi at the Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary University of London.

This page is under construction. I do a lot of volunteering and STEM outreach that I need to fit in here somehow. My project list is also at about 1%. Until I sort that out, for a better picture of the personal and open-source projects I work on, please see my GitHub profile. Eventually all my projects should make their way online.


Personal Data Management with the Databox: What's Inside the Box?

CAN 2016

A more detailed look at the Databox as it stood; a collection of physical and cloudhosted software components that provide for an individual data subject to manage, log and audit access to their data by other parties.


Privacy-Aware Infrastructure for Managing Personal Data


A poster abstract giving an overview of Databox systems as they stood with a stronger focus on arbiter interactions.


Incremental Dense Multi-modal 3D Scene Reconstruction

IROS 2015

In this paper, we propose a probabilistic model that efficiently exploits complementarity between different depth-sensing modalities for incremental dense scene reconstruction.



AP Jarvis Award Certificate

AP Jarvis Prize

An annual award, valued at £50, for an outstanding performance in the project undertaken by students in the final year in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. In addition, the project poster was voted student favourite!

PSA Advanced Award Certificate

Personal Skills Award (Advanced)

The advanced level of the university's optional employability award, achieved by demonstrating an exceptional commitment to developing employability through attending workshops, networking events, and volunteering. Additionally, PSA (Advanced) students demonstrate professional skills to an employer led interview panel and foster professional practice. More info...

PASS Leader of the Year Certificate

PASS Leader of the Year 2013-2014

The Peer-assisted Study Sessions (PASS) scheme is part of an internationally recognised network where higher year students lead study sessions for lower year students. Yousef was named PASS Leader of the Year after successfully setting up the scheme in the department of EECE after lobbying the administration for over a year as Chair of Student Representatives. Full news article...

SMAC Certificate

Student Mobile App Competition (SMAC) Winner

A competition, led by the university's IT Innovation Centre, thats goal is to prototype the best mobile app that will most benefit the university and students as a whole. The competition was won by writing a marketplace app for students to buy and sell secondhand textbooks with built in messaging. Prizes included an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet and a 14 week paid industrial placement offer (which was respectfully declined). More info...

IBM Mainframe Challenge 2012 Prize

IBM Mainframe Challenge 2012 Winner

Achieved by swiftly completing a series of mainframe and systems programming tasks on IBM's own servers. More info...

First Class Excellence Scholarship Letter

First Class Excellence Scholarship x4

Awarded for excellent baccalaureate results and maintained for four consecutive years (the entire degree) by consistently achieving first class honours.


Queen Mary University of London

Teaching Assistant

Teaching, supervision, and examination of undergraduates and postgraduates in a variety of EECS modules.

  • Digital Systems Design (hardware design and VHDL)
  • Software and Network Services Design / IT Programming (basically a Java module)
  • 2x Digital Media and Social Networks (graphs, network analysis, web APIs)

University of Oxford

Research Intern

Research in robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and A.I. – among other areas with Torr Vision Group under Professor Philip Torr at the Department of Engineering Science.



Programming Tutor

Personal tutor to 16 students

University of Birmingham

Teaching Assistant

Teaching and supervision of a group of sixth form students considering higher education.

Aquila Aviation by Excellence AG

Shop Floor Worker

Construction and assembly of fiber composite plane parts. Extensive experience in sweeping the factory after hours and dealing with occupational injuries.


Queen Mary University of London

Jan 2016 - Present

PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

PhD research with a focus on Systems, Networks, Security, and Personal Data under Dr Hamed Haddadi at the Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary University of London.

The University of Birmingham

Sept 2016 - Sept 2017

Master of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering with Business Management

First class Honours

Decided to transfer course from Electronic Engineering with Business Management on completion of my first year. Awarded the First Class Excellence Scholarship for four consecutive years as a result of an impeccable record.

Modules Pertinent to Current Interests

European School Frankfurt am Main

Sept 2002 - Sept 2010

European Baccalaureate


4th Year MEng Final Year Project

Design and implementation of a low-cost UAV sensor system for constructing object and topographical 3D models in real-time.


3rd Year MEng Group Project

Building a quadcopter that can autonomously transport a payload from the roof of the EECE building to an arbitrary target.



This jumble of buzzwords, languages, and frameworks is soon to be replaced by my Project Graph (WIP).