The following are my publications between 2014 and 2020; between when I finished my Masters and when I finished my PhD.

Yousef Amar's Publications

Peer-to-peer update dissemination in browser-based networked virtual environments

This is my PhD thesis, and is the ultimate reference for real-time P2P update dissemination. It contains surveys and taxonomies of past solutions and evaluation methodologies, a detailed mapping of the problem space, in-depth measurement studies of rich NVE network traces, as well as the complete design, implementation, and evaluation of the state-of-the-art in UD systems. Among other contributions, the evaluation framework and workloads have been made available under open-source licences. Libraries derived from this work are available at

2020 • Queen Mary University of London

Towards Cheap Scalable Browser Multiplayer

In this work, we introduce and evaluate a P2P-based method and library that aims to minimse running costs and development overhead for independent, multiplayer, browser games.

2019 • In Conference on Games (CoG) 2019; IEEE

Zest: REST over ZeroMQ

In this paper we introduce, Zest (REST over ZeroMQ), a middleware technology in support of an Internet of Things (IoT).

2019 • In Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Security, Privacy and Trust in the Internet of Things, in conjunction with IEEE PERCOM

Providing Occupancy as a Service with Databox

In this paper we present Occupancy-as-a-Service (OaaS) implemented as an app on Databox.

2018 • In Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Workshop on Smart Cities and Fog Computing; (pp. 29-34) ACM

An Information-Theoretic Approach to Time-Series Data Privacy

This paper presents a system for efficiently augmenting token-based access control with privacy-awareness without significantly impacting performance or utility.

2018 • In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Privacy by Design in Distributed Systems; (p. 3) ACM

An Analysis of Home IoT Network Traffic and Behaviour

In this work, we analyse and fingerprint network traces from a testbed of common IoT devices and demonstrate where privacy and security risks manifest themselves.

2018 • arXiv:1803.05368 [cs.NI]

Building Accountability into the Internet of Things: The IoT Databox Model

This paper outlines the IoT Databox model as a means of making the Internet of Things (IoT) accountable to individuals.

2017 • Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments; (pp. 1-17) Springer

Balanced Message Distribution in Distributed Message Handling Systems

This patent describes a combination of methodologies for arriving at near-optimal message distribution decisions in distributed messaging systems under specific constraints.

2017 • US Patent (serial number: 15/794440)

Route-based Authorization and Discovery for Personal Data

When faced with systems in which third party components need to advertise the availability of data they gather, while other such components need to access it, solutions for delegated authorisation and discovery APIs for interoperability are needed. This work explores possible solutions, and converges on a testable implementation.

2017 • In the 11th EuroSys Doctoral Workshop

Personal Data Management with the Databox: What's Inside the Box?

A more detailed look at the Databox as it stood; a collection of physical and cloudhosted software components that provide for an individual data subject to manage, log and audit access to their data by other parties.

2016 • In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Cloud-Assisted Networking; (pp. 49-54) ACM

Privacy-Aware Infrastructure for Managing Personal Data

A poster abstract giving an overview of Databox systems as they stood with a stronger focus on arbiter interactions.

2016 • In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGCOMM Conference; (pp. 571-572) ACM

Incremental Dense Multi-modal 3D Scene Reconstruction

In this paper, we propose a probabilistic model that efficiently exploits complementarity between different depth-sensing modalities for incremental dense scene reconstruction.

2015 • In Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on; (pp. 908-915) IEEE