Dr Yousef Amar

Fractional CTO



I am a consultant and tech entrepreneur specialising in machine learning, automation, and distributed systems.

I believe that resilient systems, whether technical or socio-economic, are the key to a more equitable world. Independence leads to freedom, freedom leads to empowerment, and empowerment leads to equity.

Over 13+ years, I have crossed paths with many people across many sectors, published/filed tier 1 papers and patents, and won prestigious awards. You can learn more about me through these links:

Here's a selection of things I've worked on:

Krew Live
AI-powered live and on-demand fitness classes. $1.8MM pre-seed raised at 8-figure valuation.
Cura Assist
Capture and transcribe medical consultations, AI turns these into medical notes and letters.
2000+ UK mosques with notifications, accurate prayer times, digital donations, and more, completely free.
PhD thesis
P2P update dissemination in browser-based networked virtual environments. Derived libraries are open source and available at libfabric.com.
Your virtual library. Import your books from Goodreads and never use Goodreads again!
A deepfake TikTok chatbot answering your questions via GPT-3.
Islamic ChatGPT. Also reachable through WhatsApp.
Took what I learned from my time as a school teacher and made a business out of it, until covid.
Optimal load balancing
Near-optimal job distribution decisions in distributed messaging systems under specific constraints.
Designed an built first versions of a privacy-preserving personal data analytics platform which then went on to raise £1.5M in EPSRC funding.
Multimodal 3D reconstruction
Exploiting complementarity between different depth-sensing modalities for incremental dense scene reconstruction.
UAV 3D mapping
Design and implementation of a low-cost UAV sensor system for constructing object and topographical 3D models in real-time.
"The Pastebin of video chat"; my first foray into WebRTC.
WebTorrent client with peers, chunks, and bandwidth visualised with D3.
Instant collaborative canvas, starting point for cowi.re.
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